Victor Agreda, Jr. has been a writer, producer, journalist, and storyteller for 20 years, leading content and strategy initiatives to build and engage large audiences. He’s also been a teacher and serial entrepreneur, reveling in the exciting intersection of business, liberal arts, and technology. Raised on gadgets and BASIC programming, Victor has spoken at SXSW and 360creative conferences, and narrates audiobooks in his spare time.

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Top 5 Questions We Need to Stop Asking in Employee Engagement Surveys

January 14, 2020 by Victor Agreda, Jr.

Employee engagement surveys are essential tools that allow employers to take the pulse of their workforce. Now, imagine you had a health tracker that checks your heartbeat, and it was strapped to your kneecap. Turns out the kneecap is a terrible place to check your pulse, as there’s not a major vein or artery passing over the knee. 

Luckily we know where to ask questions: At work. What about “how” we ask those questions? What about the questions themselves? It’s not enough to ask employees if they’re engaged at work -- that’s like asking a teenager how their day went. You’re probably going to get a direct, positive response. So why ask the question? What does engagement mean? What does it mean to employees? Let’s dive into some questions that seem like a good idea, but might have outlived their usefulness.

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